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Help deficient up easily to remove, not only should have done " move reach " , accomplish even " live firmly " " can become rich " . Be being moved is the first pace, sequel gives aid to crucial. Of in relief in Shanxi province county remove find a place for dot, how is place to undertake villager of community government, help gets used to new life? How to give aid to remove an obtain employment do poineering work, is implementation stability added those who close? Let us walk into emigrant new residential quarter and new community, the way that sees them.
-- complier
Area of Liang Shan of Shanxi province Lv is the whole nation 14 concentration join an one of impoverished divisions, in relief county is located in in in Lv Liang Shan. In relief county took off deficient to pick a cap 2017 in, "935 " during finish of 2477 7460 people remove the task, have among them build archives to establish calorie of poverty door 5691 people, involve 5 villages and towns in all 106 natural villages, village of city of day of the most pleasant stage inside this world of bend of countryside of valley of Che Ming of county of this world in setting, city, Jin Luozhen 7 concentration such as slope find a place for on the west dot.
These immigrant remove find a place for dot, some is located in villages and towns, dimensions lesser, go up in administrative service still countryside of tradition of continue to use runs way; Some is located in a county, remove population is much, local government has management and service through company of tripartite property, guide owner of village mass uprising. The reporter emigrates respectively new residential quarter and village of city of day of the most pleasant stage, after seek by inquiry helps deficient up easily to remove, how does place help the villager people better the new student that gets used to new residential quarter and new community is vivid.
Have electric allowance with report
Raise an ox to have " bovine dormitory "
Fellow-townsman lives new residential quarter, set one's mind at!
Along the country from inside Shanxi province town of in relief county is gone to all the way north, can see roadside far " Gong Yang new residential quarter " 4 big character. Capacious driveway abduct goes in, remove easily greet of new residential quarter. Court position is strewn at random have send, greenbelt and lawn are linked together, the chili of the move and maize cob are hanged on the wall, there is firm washed clothing and other articles of daily use in the courtyard.
The countryside of Che Ming valley in be located in, have the car Cheng of a hour from the county. Before some year, the person in the village goes a county wanting to sit 3 rounds, ride motor to home village or town, stay in the office again car. 2017, the person move poor nest that countryside of Che Ming valley is determined to let these villages, chose to find a place for centrally beside bend in relief village dot, built present Gong Yang new housing development with a year of time. First removing door entered in May 2018, every family mount electric shower and toilet bowl.
2018, hao Jizhen just became chairman of village of new residential quarter of immigrant of upbow this world when, encountered a dot " challenge " . On one hand, should be in charge of registering, remove, answer cultivate matters concerned; On the other hand, the first batch of villagers that move in people often run toward old village, especially that year winter, groups big aux would rather go back burn slime, also do not wish to live in new residential quarter.
"609 when new residential quarter always shares 7 natural villages remove an occupy come. Original village, leave here farthermostly to have 10 kilometers far, drive on hill have to half many hour. Say this new residential quarter is repaired well now, beautiful, traffic goes to the lavatory again, but at the beginning, groups big still are held out ' defy ' ! " Hao Jizhen is laughing at memory.
The winter of countryside of Che Ming valley, that calls cold. Because relief is high and be in in blast tuyere, quilt wanting a shell sleeps here, arrived in the winter, place has " the tenth ghost is jerky " view. Hao Jizhen says: "Heating season comes, everybody runninged toward old village, still burn coal to warm oneself like before. Still burn coal to warm oneself like before..
Doesn't new residential quarter have heating? "Not be of course, when emigrant new residential quarter builds, every every hold available breath can coal changes electric equipment. " Hao Jizhen says, can arrive heating season, the villager people everybody dare leave, knowing is who passed a version: "This plays meaning ' eat ' report is too fierce, want to get on 10 thousand winter! Want to get on 10 thousand winter!!
Was informed this problem, guo Shifeng of village secretary of a Party or League branch and Hao afterwards precious are the first burn central heating with report, and do the work from door to door, explain patiently for everybody: "Heating season we are favourable electrovalency, for a time report two wool 7 minutes of money, compare cheap at ordinary times fast half! Plus every highest have 2000 yuan warm oneself allowance, calculate come down to be compared winter expensive also before hundreds of, also need not the day does not shine to rise burn coal. " Spring 2019, with electric allowance money full specified amount calls villager account, the villager people put down a heart thoroughly. When winter heating season, the villager people used coal to change electric heating equipment, in domestic home house reeky.
Raising Niu Ye is a problem. Former bend in relief village is recumbent go up a hill, village every family raises a cattle, guo Shifeng says: "Little an a few head oxen, tens of much heads, add up have 1100 bull. " summer, go in Niu Wangshan, OK and complete " put in a suitable place to breed " ; Can arrive in the winter, the person that raises a cattle must pull the ox everyday in a courtyard or stable. After moving new residential quarter, how does the ox do? Bring the issue of buy in the light of winter ox, village appoint can build a field that raise a cattle nearby in new residential quarter, the ox that lets each had " dormitory " .
This falls, everybody sets his mind at, ran toward old village no longer.
Property provides a service
The activity is promoted blend in
Owner of village mass uprising, be comfortable!
With Gong Yang photograph of new residential quarter is compared, the immigrant of city of day of the most pleasant stage in be located in removes dot dimensions should be gotten greatly much, cover an area of a face to accumulate 600 mus, find a place for remove door in all 4037 people. Move modern residence village from original village, remove door should suit have a lot of.
"Live in the village so, everybody is used to put in courtyard, cellar sundry, after coming over, do not put because of the thing, in corridor appear easily sundry the problem that pile up; The view that property expends is done not have in the village before, because this part dweller pays no attention to solution why to want to give this money... " Bai Yujiang is controller of property of village of city of day of the most pleasant stage, also encountered a lot of problems that ache at the beginning.
In standing subprefect Yao Wenyu introduces government of in relief county: "Because involve removing villages and towns to have 6, remove door numerous, the idea of apanage management is so bad continue to use, we are garrisoned with respect to the tripartite property that entrusts major, be in charge of management of property of the village after removing technically. Be in charge of management of property of the village after removing technically..
Bai Yujiang realizes, this in order to remove a village that give priority to, the working way to oneself and service government consciousness raise new requirement. "From ' the villager ' arrive ' owner ' , it is not easy that the dweller wants change habits and customs, guide them actively to blend in the working key that the village is me. Guide them actively to blend in the working key that the village is me..
Bai Yujiang guided a colleague to do a lot of fine chemical industry to make in respect of Wu of community government kimono. Still encourage dweller of primary registered permanent residence to pass mobile phone socialization group connection, support original dorp habits and customs, avoid to break original society structure as far as possible. Bai Yujiang says, "For instance the daytime of community attends center, consider village food is used to, have a meal time is earlier, we provide eat meal time shifts to an earlier date. Some villagers like ' prosperous ' , the someone of day of mobile square God of our 1000 much square metre is in do the yangko dance. The someone of day of mobile square God of our 1000 much square metre is in do the yangko dance..
Let remove masses participates in community processing with a variety of means. The Ren Sihu of secretary of Party committee of peaceful villages and towns that community is in says: "232 flow Party member always is shared in community, want method lets them enter constituent life, build character actively to make suggestions for community development at the same time. " Party branch of village of city of day of his organization the most pleasant stage and area under administration are stationed in division unit to sign " be stationed in in all propose an agreement in all " , hold joint meeting regularly, compose builds hauling case to change Party member management to serve platform.
"Almost every family has electric car. " Introduction Bai Yujiang, because connect diligent influence of element of distance weak point, purchasing power, dynamoelectric autocycle became village resident to give the first selection tool of travel, but also brought an issue. "A lot of families are swing a line to come down to charge from the window, not only mixed and disorderly without foreword, and have very big safe hidden trouble. " resident Xue Wu discovered this problem, put forward when attending Party member plenary meeting, property company was adopted very quickly establish downstairs charge the method of picket gives solve.
Form a complete set helps deficient workshop up
Introduce industry industry
Door mouth obtain employment, be convenient!
Near bend positive new housing development go up a hill, some closer the year's harvest popular travel destination.
Hill supports to there is name quite in Lv bridge city on, here has the view of unusual high mountain meadow in Lv Liang Shan, the one place that is considered as loess plateau by local scenic spot. Arrive summer, the person that comes here to drive travel oneself in an endless stream. Beginning of program of Gong Yang new residential quarter, aimed this advantaged travel resource.
After bend positive new housing development builds formally, the room removes besides 220 court type inside, still build have small visit a garden or park, picked garden and tourist distributing center center, offerred post of 32 obtain employment, let remove an obtain employment of doorway is in the home.    of Zhao Yi of secretary of open county Party committee is opposite this in " latent capacity village " confident: "Can make modes of life and relation to their environment travel, sightseeing, health raise, the town that contemporary agriculture is an organic whole ' hind garden ' .
This year, bend positive new housing development is in countryside of Che Ming valley, the county gives aid to build manhood to produce garden of industry of vegetable of establishment of big canopy of good plant of bacterium of 20 million marvellous black agaric and conservatory. Poverty door king builds the mother of article to contract Aercihaimo disease, illness of the last few years is aggravating. To take care of a mother, wang Jianwen was moved from the county, can not find appropriate livelihood in the village temporarily. The county has to development of black agaric estate give aid to policy, he and eat regularly in of fellow villager Wang Jianjun were on the move 7 mus of ground, "The 5 wool after marvellous allowance of a bacterium 4 minutes of money, saved two money, the land early days that be on the move still has 3000 yuan of allowance every mus. " these days black agaric of the first stubble has begun to reap, the person such as Wang Jianwen every day busy get a foot not to touch the ground.
The workshop helping deficient up of form a complete set is mixed on the side of village of city of day of the most pleasant stage hatch of science and technology implement begin to move already. Current, enter by the village was stationed in company of 18 science and technology treatment, drive a village directly 1000 remove more population obtain employment.
And the property company in the village, also be remove door " live firmly " increase power. Be in village of city of day of the most pleasant stage, solved about a hundred to remove the obtain employment of population.
Poverty of 49 years old door Liu Anping wants to search all the time " speak or sing alternately " the job. He is duped in the colliery of village edge so accountant, after moving a county 2016, his road that apply for a job however all the time be rebuffed: Changed 7 jobs 3 years. The reason lets him " hard open one's mouth " , because conversation is not agile, he is dismissed by a few enterprises early or late. When be informed village property to need a financial staff, he was holding tried psychology in the arms to find Bai Yujiang, very fast by successful employ.
Poverty door Liu also goes to work 5 times in the village, his task is nurse village the indoor gymnasium of 2000 square metre, not only every month can get 1400 yuan pay, he still develops to add newly accept way: The water water bottle that gathers the people of the motion in gymnasium to hit basketball, badminton to be drunk everyday, "A month adds up also can sell 1000 multivariate. " (reporter Qiao Dong)
" People's Daily " (on July 6, 2020 The 08th edition)

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